Ajax Esports early this year announced a long-term partnership deal with energy drink brand ICONIX, after the Dutch football club signed a 10 year deal that included the Esports division of the team. Both Ajax and it’s Esports division assisted with the launch of the energy drink in the Netherlands back in March which went off quite respectably.

This deal is one of many examples of the commercial interest Esports is beginning to grow. Recently the Pittsburgh Knights announced a partnership deal with Pittsburgh-native rapper Wiz Khalifa in what they hope will be a mutually beneficial partnership. CCO of Ajax, Menno Geelen had this to say regarding the new deal: “The story and ambition of ICONIX appealed to us. We also think that this category of functional drinks, which is widely spoken and written about, needs an alternative. ICONIX offers a tasty, responsible and different type of energy drink and distinguishes itself with so-called focused energy instead of just more energy. We are content with this long-term agreement, with a duration of no less than 9.5 years. This reflects the ambition of ICONIX and also expresses confidence towards each other.”

Managing Director of ICONIX Matthijs van Zanten described ICONIX’s mission and approach to their brand: “ICONIX Energy Drink is a smart and modern energy drink that has been developed with the aim of optimally responding to the changing needs of the conscious, active and ambitions consumer. It is an energy drink where we have done everything we can to bring a better alternative to the market.” This responsible approach definitely reflects a healthier approach than is usually taken by traditional energy drinks.

It also reflects a deal renewed by Ajax Esports in October of last year. Ajax Esports confirmed their intention to renew their deal with Dutch cable operator Ziggo, and is already aligned with the likes of Plantronics, Playseat, Subway, 433, PayPal, ABN AMRO, Ziggo, Adidas and EA Sports.

According to our friends over at EsportsInsider new deals like these of which more and more are being signed is an encouraging sign that, to an optimist, could reflect the clubs strong intentions of staying actively involved in the Esports industry for years to come. The deal makes sense also due to the particular popularity of energy drinks amongst gamers, so kudos to both Ajax Esports and ICONIX for making this happen.
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