After nearly 7 hours of play in the 11th straight match, TSM have won the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational and will take home a top prize of $105,000 USD. After a grueling Grand Final round Team SoloMid could not be stopped, with Natus Vincere and Wyvern finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively out of 80 teams. 

There were three squads left when the final circle began to close when chaos broke loose. There were no doubters that mayhem would soon ensue as the ring slowly eliminated all the remaining available cover. It happened quickly: Team MVP rushed GamersOrigin and took down two of their players before TSM cleaned house, eradicating the final members of both squads to take home the championship trophy. This was the final electrifying moment of the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, only the second ever purely competitive event for the battle royale game.

“We just wanted to end it, we just wanted to stop playing,” said TSM’s Philip “ImperialHal” Dosen, after TSM received their first-place trophy. “We were getting tired and annoyed.”

The competition featured a unique battle royale ruleset with a double-elimination bracket format, which knocked the bottom ten teams in each pool into a losers’ bracket round. The teams that landed on the lower part of the scoreboard in the losers’ bracket would get eliminated altogether and sent home. To reach the grand final teams had to meet a 50-point threshold.

This double-elimination structure, common in the fighting game community, is completely new for the competitive battle royale scene. “I think it was the most fun for spectators, but it is the most stressful thing to play in,” said TSM’s fever-ridden Mackenzie “Albralelie” Beckwith. “It’s so hard to win multiple games in the bracket. These were the hardest 11 games I’ve ever played.”

No one could have possibly predicted all the twists and turns that took place at Alvernia Planet, a studio turned Esports arena just outside of Kraków, Poland. The latest Apex event saw a squad of unsigned Russians, Team 789, come from near obscurity and dominate the other 79 teams there. Team MVP and Wyvern from Korea surprisingly made it to the grand final, despite the game not being hugely popular in that region. The one thing people did predict however, was the 1st place finisher: TSM. The three American pros, who have just won the EXP Apex Legends Invitational at X Games Minneapolis last month, managed to come from behind vs squads like Team 789, PENTA and Na’Vi to clinch the biggest event yet in Apex Legends’ short history.

EA confirmed they have plans for more Apex Legends events coming in the near future but refused to reveal any specifics. As soon as the details are released you will hear about it first, here at Esportsnow. Stay tuned for more Esports news like you’ve never heard before.