Astralis have beaten Team Liquid in a grand final series once again, adding fuel to the fire on what is definitely the greatest CS GO rivalry since 2018. This EU vs USA rivalry erupted in sparks yesterday as Astralis and Team Liquid delivered yet another great series for any fan of the game in the ECS season 8 final. Astralis will take home the top prize and their share of the $500,000 USD prize-pool.

Astralis have taken down Team Liquid in the grand final of the ECS season 8 in the latest pro CS GO competition. The Danes defeated TL 2 – 1 and walked away with the ECS crown and the top prize of $225,000 USD. The Danes have been on point recently, winning the IEM Beijing only three weeks ago. With all their success throughout the month of November, they have practically guaranteed the number one spot in HLTV’s world ranking for the 2020 CS GO season.

The ECS season 8 grand final series couldn’t have started better after Astralis and Team Liquid took it to overtime on Vertigo. In the end however, Team Liquid managed a 19 – 15 win thanks to winning all their three T-side rounds in overtime. Keith “NAF” Markovic was unstoppable from start to finish, collecting 36 kills overall.

NAF steals the round with a 3k with the p250 (Vertigo)

The second game of the series took place on Nuke, and the two pro CS GO teams kept the tension all the way into the second half. Astralis played much better on the CT-side with their tournament life hanging in the balance, winning nine straight rounds to take the win by 16 – 11. Danes were led by example, Astralis’ captain Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander showing incredible form, top-fragging with 26 kills.

You couldn’t blame CS GO fans for thinking Dust II was going to be as balanced as the first two maps, but Astralis demolished Team Liquid in the first half picking up the win by 12 – 3 playing on the unfortunately named terrorist side. The North Americans certainly looked like they were on their way to making a gigantic comeback, but Nicolai “device” Reedtz, who had failed to shine to that point in the competition, carried his team single-handedly on to win the game 16 – 8, finished with 27 total kills.

Device makes up for the two man deficit with a triple kill (Dust2)

Not only has Astralis defeated both Evil Geniuses and Liquid, the two-best North American teams, but they did so on U.S. soil, proving that they’re ready to face anyone regardless of the conditions. By winning the ECS season 8, Astralis will take home $225,000 while Team Liquid will receive the runners up prize of $100,000.

CS GO fans have much to be excited about too; there’s a small chance that these two teams will meet again next week at ESL Pro League season 10 finals in Odense, Denmark. Keep your eyes right here for all the latest CS GO news.

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