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FaZe Clan are the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 champions after taking down Ninjas In Pyjamas 2 – 0 in the Grand Finale on Saturday. Six pro CS:GO teams started the competition, battling it out for the top prize of $125,000 USD and 10 BPS points. 

Faze Clan came out victorious on Saturday night, after showing good form in the group stages of the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019, which they then continued into the grand final against a strong NiP team. In the latest CS:GO competition FaZe battled it out against NiP to see who would be crowned champion of Copenhagen for 2019, beating them 19-17 on Nuke in round 1, and 16-12 on Dust II in round 2 of the final game (see highlights by clicking on the scores).

FaZe Clan made it to the final of the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 by going 4-0-1 and finishing in top-spot of the Group Stages with a +25 kill/death ratio and 12 points. Ninjas in Pyjamas in comparison finished 3-0-2 with +5 and 9 points. FaZe showed the same good form in the Bo3 final game, and for their troubles received the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen trophy, $125,000 USD and 10 BPS, NiP receiving the runners-up prize of $50,000 USD and 8 BPS.

The BLAST Pro Series also includes a bonus showmatch called the BLAST Pro Standoff. How does the BLAST Pro Standoff work? Whichever team finishes in 3rd place in the group stages receives not only $25,000 (and 6 BPS) but will also play in a bonus showmatch, the BLAST Pro Standoff, vs their choice of the 3 bottom placed sides.

The Blast Pro Standoff is made up of 5 1v1 ‘aim duel’ rounds, each player on the team responsible for 1 round. Each match-up is played with a different weapon, this year’s order being: M4A4/M4A1-S, Desert Eagle, AK47, CZ75 and finally the AWP. The first player in each round to get 7 kills wins their match-up and the team with the most kill wins at the end of the 5 rounds wins. 

Natus Vincere finished in 3rd place during the group stages and selected 4th placed Astralis as their opposition. This choice did not ultimately pan out for Na’Vi who went on to lose the BLAST Pro Standoff 2 – 3, missing out on the extra $20,000 USD prize up for grabs:

BLAST-Pro-Series-Copenhagen-2019-CSGO-FaZe Clan

Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovač claimed the coveted MVP award at the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019 by and betway. The Bosnian CS:GO pro led FaZe Clan to their first ever title win with an overall 1.33 rating over the course of seven maps the team played en route to the trophy, only ever once dropping below the 1.00 mark, in a loss to Team Liquid that in the end, had no competitive effect.

The next major CS:GO event on the calendar is the BLAST Pro Series: Global Finals 2019 which are taking place in Bahrain between the 12th and 14th of December. The teams who have qualified for this years’ Global Finals are FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Astralis and Ninjas in Pyjamas, Na’Vi, MIBR and Cloud9 missing out in the end.

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