Mousesports have won the CS GO Asia Championship today,  adding one more trophy to their shelves after defeating ENCE 2 – 0 in Shanghai. It was a divisive grand final overall, but two of mousesports’ young stars David “frozen” Čerňanský and Özgür “woxic” Eker, stomped the Finns in both games to take home the $250,000 USD top prize. 

The CS GO Asia Championship series grand final kicked off today, featuring German CSGO team Mousesports and Finnish CSGO team ENCE. The first round took place on Train and the game was balanced until the second half. As the round went on, ENCE couldn’t hold mousesports’ executions, especially on the B bombsite. Frozen and woxic grabbed 23 kills each and helped mousesports to win the round 16 – 10.

In the second game, Mousesports had a slow start on Inferno but later were able to react and win the first half 8 – 7. A short time later, ENCE were up 11 – 8 until mousesports were able to adjust and fix their defensive setup, win eight rounds in a row and close the game out 16 – 11. Woxic and frozen were able to combine for a total of 41 frags, but ultimately it was woxic that shined in this crucial round of the grand final.

Check out Woxic’s triple kill on the retake (Inferno) here.

In retrospect, Mousesports had a remarkable run at the CS GO Asia Championship. They kicked off the playoffs by taking down Evil Geniuses in the quarter finals. They then defeated TYLOO in the semi finals earlier today after turning around a 15 – 8 deficit in the second map. Their comeback win against ENCE allowed them to take home the trophy and the top prize of $250,000 USD.

This win represents what has been a remarkable turnaround for mousesports who weren’t playing so well in the second half of the CSGO season but have more than proved their capabilities today. Here are the final standings for CS GO Asia Championship:

  1. mousesports – $250,000
  2. ENCE – $100,000
  3. TYLOO – $50,000
  4. MIBR – $50,000
  5. Evil Geniuses – $16,500
  6. AVANGAR – $16,500
  7. ViCi Gaming – $8,500
  8. G2 Gaming – $8,500

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