The DreamHack Open 2019 CS:GO tournament, taking place in Jönköping Sweden, saw OpTic Gaming take the top spot and the first prize of $50,000 as well as an automatic invite to the DreamHack Masters in Malmo later this year. The Grande Finale saw the American team face off against Swedish team Team Ancient who’s home field advantage was not enough to help them overcome the eventual champions.

The tournament took place between the 15th and 17th of June, in what has become known as the ‘cradle’ of the Scandinavian Esports scene; Jönköping, Sweden; and saw in total eight teams fight it out for their share of this year’s prize-pool of over $100,000. The event was composed of six teams invited to take part as well as one team from each of the European and Swedish qualifiers respectively. OpTic Gaming was one of the invited teams along with Winstrike Team, Aristocrat Gaming, Avangar, Tricked Esport and Chaos Esports Club. CR4ZY and Team Ancient were the two lucky teams to successfully qualify out of the European and Swedish qualifiers.

The tournament format was the usual two double-elimination groups with the top two teams from each group advancing to the playoff rounds. Team OpTic found themselves grouped with Team Ancient, CR4ZY and Chaos E.C.. The first group matches saw Team OpTic facing off against Chaos E.C., OpTic squeaking by with an 8-7 win, followed by an 8-5 win in the second round. Their next match saw them matched against Team Ancient with similar results, winning the first round 8-7 followed by an 8-3 victory in round 2.

Finishing top of their group, Team OpTic found themselves seeded in the semifinals against Tricked Esport who managed to pull off a surprising victory in the first semifinal match on the Train map winning 16-7. In the following matches though, Team OpTic’s initial form returned winning 16-11 on the Mirage map, followed by a 16-12 win on the Nuke map, sending them into the finals to face off against Team Ancient.

In the other semifinal match of this year’s DreamHack Open 2019 CS:GO Summer event, Team Ancient found themselves facing off against Group A winners Aristocracy. The Swedish team managed to pull off a convincing victory, with two 16-11 wins over the Polish team despite losing 27-31 in a gripping second round matchup. This led to the Finals where Team OpTic faced off against Team Ancient. Ancient were given the chance to select the map, deciding on Overpass. Despite this and their home-field advantage they could not overcome the American giants, losing 9-6 and 7-6 in the first round. The second matchup was a much tighter affair however finishing 8-7 and 8-7 respectively, in Team OpTics favour.

This exciting final saw Team OpTic manage to claw their way back despite initial signs-of-life from Team Ancient. Ancient put on an excellent performance but ultimately it was not to be. OpTic made better use of their defense eventually securing 7 of their 8 games to clinch the win at 16-14.

What does this mean for Team OpTic? Apart from getting their hands on the top prize of $100,000, they have secured themselves a place in this year’s DreamHack Masters Malmo 2019, scheduled for October and featuring a total of 16 CS:GO teams from around the globe, and a prize pool of a whopping $250,000.
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