DreamHack Open 2019 CS:GO

The DreamHack Open 2019 CS:GO Summer tournament is taking place between the 15th and 17th of June in Jönköping, Sweden, the cradle of the Scandinavian esports scene. Keep reading for a tournament preview, schedule-update and a brief team-overview for this years latest CS:GO event in which teams will battle for this years prize-pool of over $100,000.

Despite having some rough patches in recent times, the DreamHack Open tournaments are still going strong in Jönköping, Sweden and are a proper sensation to behold for all esports fans. This year will be no different, the event attracting sponsorship from some massive names including CORSAIR, Monster Energy, Esport-Management and GG.BET. Together they have amassed a prize-pool of over $100,000, the eventual champions bringing home a prize totalling $50,000. Runners-up will receive a healthy prize of $20,000, semi-finalists, $10,000 etc.. This year’s event will take place over three days, from the 15th until the 17th of June, featuring a total of 13 matches. First round matches being Bo1 and scheduled for Saturday with the remaining 2 days hopefully featuring some top-notch Bo3 action.

This years event will be a standard 8 team event with an initial group stage followed by a playoff round. Each group will be made up of 4 teams playing in a double-elimination format seeing first and second placed teams advancing to the playoffs, similar to this year’s ECL championship format. All playoff games will be played as Bo3, the top placed team in group A playing runners-up in Group B and vice-versa. Current odds show two teams as leading favorites for the tournament right now AVANGAR and Valiance (recently renamed CR4ZY), with two other teams considered outside shots or potential dark horses, namely Winstrike and OpTic Gaming.


AVANGAR is currently considered one of, if not the best CS:GO team hailing from the CIS region, featuring a squad made up mainly of long-term, experienced players who have been with the team since mid-2017/2018. The roster has seen once recent change with the addition of SANJI as a stand-in, back in April, but still features esport-household names like team captain Jame and team rifler Qikert. In terms of form, Jame is still hot right now, proving himself as one of the best AWPers in the game, in the Katowice Major this year. Despite narrowly missing out on this years ECS Season 7 held in London this month, AVANGAR are hopeful to qualify for the upcoming ESL One Cologne 2019, and are definitely considered as a contender for this year’s DreamHack Open 2019 CS:GO title.


Team Valiance, recently renamed to CR4ZY has been ruling over B tier tournaments for quite a while, amassing total winnings of over $160,000. After a heartbreaking defeat against North in the qualifiers for the Katowice Major, Valiance performed surprisingly well at both the ESL One New York qualifiers and the DreamHack Open Rio de Janeiro 2019. Last month saw Valiance put in some top-notch performances in the DH Open Tours, the Serbian team putting on quite a performance despite their eventual loss in the grand finale against Mousesports. Seen by us at esportsnow.bet as the in-form team going into this year’s DreamHack Open 2019 and considering their recent form, quality, discipline and experience, with a small pinch of luck we would not be surprised to see Valiance making it all the way to the Grand Finale and even getting their hands on that $50,000 prize for the eventual champions.

Winstrike & OpTic Gaming

Despite terrible recent form, Winstrike comes into this year’s DreamHack Open 2019 led by experienced players like bondik and n0rb3r7. After failing to qualify for ESL Cologne and playing extremely poorly in the LOOT.BET Season 2 tournament, it is exactly this experience in their roster that should see them overcome teams like Aristocracy and Tricked in the group stages, possibly reach the playoffs though this is most likely where their journey will come to an abrupt end.

OpTic gaming comes into this year’s tournament as one of the best European teams, despite some poorer recent form that saw the team narrowly failing to qualify for this years ESL One New York 2019, ECS and ESL Pro League finals. Despite their recent slump, OpTic come into this years DreamHack Open considered to be superior to teams like Chaos and Team Ancient, also in their group. With familiar names on their roster like team captain Snappi and team rifler, k0nfig OpTic will need some big performances to progress to the playoffs, but we at esportsnow.bet see OpTic Gaming as a dark horse to make their way to this year’s DreamHack Open Grand Finale. You saw it here first.

DreamHack Open 2019 CS:GO schedule

The first matches will take place on Saturday, June 15th – the rest of the fixtures only being revealed after the conclusion of the initial matches. Below is a list of the first matches for each team, who will make the Grand Finale? Only time will tell.

  • AVANGAR vs Winstrike – 12 p.m.
  • Valiance vs Team Ancient – 1.30 p.m.
  • Tricked vs Aristocracy – 3 p.m.
  • OpTic vs Chaos – 4.30 p.m

DreamHack Open 2019 CS:GO schedule

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