The DreamHack Valencia 2019 is the third event (of four) in the DreamHack Pro Circuit tour of 2019. Taking place in Spain from the 5th until the 7th of July, this DreamHack event will see 32 pro rocket-league teams fight it out for their share of the $100,000 prize-pool. Games will be in a 3v3 mode, the first two days being in a double elimination group stage format, with day 3 revealing the single elimination playoff rounds leading up to the Grand Finale.

The DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia 2019 event is going to see 32 teams (including 17 RLCS teams from 3 regions) split into 4 groups of 8 teams respectively. The group stage games will be Bo5 and the top 4 teams from each group will advance to day 2. On day two we will see 2 groups of 8 teams, Bo5 matches, and the top 4 teams from each group advancing to the playoffs on day 3. The playoffs will be in single elimination format, the quarter finals remaining Bo5, and the semi finals and finals being Bo7. Whichever team finds themselves victorious after the Grand Finale will receive a $50,000 top prize, runners up receiving a respective $20,000.

The day 1 group stages are as follows:

DreamHack Valencia 2019 Group A

TeamRegionPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
Renault VitalityEuropeFairy Peak!Scrub KillaKaydop
Bremen EsportsEuropeTrickshotChillexXusCarlOG
SplyceNorth AmericaRetalsKarmaExplosiveGyro
Ground Zero GamingAustraliaDeckaJulzSiki
Complexity GamingNorth AmericagReazymeisterMognusFlakes
MOUT GANGEuropeMoutExtraitachi
Team SoloMidNorth AmericaEyeigniteRemkoeMetsanauris
Notorious Legion EsportEuropeFinexDead-MonsterEspumita

DreamHack Valencia 2019 Group B

TeamRegionPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
Cloud9North AmericaSquishyMuffinzGimmickTorment
Los PotatoEuropeDiegostarmoGunteRZhanath
Veloce EsportsEuropeFreakiiNielskoekFlamE
RenegadesNorth AmericaTorsosKamiiZeN
Triple TroubleEuropeRonakyTadpoleKassio
Crazy CrewEuropeGodsmillaWolfsonthemoonSeeb
PSG EsportsEuropeFerraChausette45Fruity
Childish GambimbamEuropeTehdaFriisBePeak

DreamHack Valencia 2019 Group C

TeamRegionPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
G2 EsportsEuropeRizzoJknapsChicago
Ghost GamingNorth AmericaMemoryAllushinLethamyr
MethodEuropeBorito BRix RondayTigreee
The BricksEuropeKuxir97Speedal0t
FCBarcelona EsportsEuropeBlueyDeevoAlpha54

DreamHack Valencia 2019 Group D

TeamRegionPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
NRGNorth AmericaGarrettGFireburnerJSTN
Servette Geneva eSportsEuropeMirrorWingZaphareVirtuoso
RGRRNorth AmericaKlassuxCorruptedGTurbopolsa
Chiefs Esports ClubAustraliaShadeyExpressCJCJ
DignitasNorth AmericaAztralViolentPandaYukeo
GC AURA eSportsEuropePwndxCalixOscillon
Rogue EsportsNorth AmericaAyyJayyWonderKronovi
RCD EspanyolEuropeMister uBeZamueStake

As well as the DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia Rocket League event, there will also be a major DreamHack Valencia 2019 Rainbow Six event, as well as the DreamHack Showdown, the first ever all-female CS:GO tournament to take place (read all about it here). 

Coming into the DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia 2019 event there are a number of teams to keep your eyes on. Renault Vitality are the obvious favourites coming into this event after winning the RLCS Series 7 last month. The previously finished as runners up back in February after losing in the DreamHack Pro Circuit Leipzig finals to Dignitas and didn’t manage to break into the top-4 in the DreamHack Pro Circuit Dallas event. But in the recent RLCS they showed excellent form and a lot of skill to defeat a tough G2 team 4 – 1 overall in the Bo7 Grand Finale. Their squad for that event featured names like Kaydop, Fairy Peak and 16 year old Scrub Killa, this on-form trio returning to take on Valencia. Can the terrible-trio repeat their success from a few weeks ago? Only time will tell.

Other teams to keep an eye on at this year’s DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia event include Cloud9 and NRG Esports. These teams are going to lead the line for the North America in this European-heavy event. Team SoloMid will also be one to watch from the America’s; after missing out on the RLCS Season 7, they will surely be keen to prove they belong in the top echelon of Rocket League play out there.

G2, having made it to the Grand Finale of the RLCS Season 7 and losing 4 – 1 to Vitality, G2 will also have been licking their wounds and are going to be keen to show Rocket League fans that they belong in the later stages of the biggest RL events. FCB and PSG will have been disappointed with their form in the RLCS Season 7 event recently and will be keen to prove they also belong in the highest echelons of Pro Rocket League possible.
If you are wondering where to watch the DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia 2019 event, you can find the official streaming channel here. Or if you would like to hear more about the Rift Rivals League of Legends event that is taking place right now, check out our article before you miss out on all the Esports action.