The highly anticipated ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals are just around the corner and CS:GO fans are already feeling the buzz. This major CS:GO event will see a total of 16 teams battle it out to get their hands on the top prize of $250,000, this year’s prize pool totalling over $600,000, a little down from last year’s total of over $750,000. The event will take place in Montpellier this year between the 18th and 23rd of June.

Astralis come into this year’s ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals as clear favourites at the bookies. The combination of a talent-packed roster and lots of experience makes this team a clear front runner to end the event as Season 9 Champions. However, you shouldn’t underestimate teams such as Liquid and FaZe who’s form has looked really good in recent tournaments. Both teams come in as dark horses for this year’s ESL Pro League champions and recent roster additions like adding NEO has seen FaZe clan achieving solid results – our value tip for eventual champs if you are interested in making a bet but are looking for more favourable odds.

CS:GO Esports fans will be able to follow the tournament on by checking out this link. In terms of format, 16 teams from all over the world will face off and compete for their share of the $600,000 prize pool. The event will employ a double-elimination format in the group stages, two groups of eight teams, seeding based on current ESL CS:GO World Rankings. Initial matches will be played Bo1 with the later matches being Bo3.

The top 3 teams in each group at the end of the group stages will continue on to the playoff rounds, first-placed teams advancing automatically to the semi-finals with 3rd placed team in group A facing 2nd placed team in group B, and vice-versa. These matches will be played in a Bo3 format with the Grand Finale being Bo5. The winner will receive a whomping $250,000 first place prize while second placed team will receive $80,000, and 3rd/4th placed teams getting $40,000 respectively.

The group stages have been confirmed, the two groups will be made up as follows:

Group A: Cloud9, DETONA, NRG, Grayhound, Astralis,  G2, Heroic and Fnatic

Group B: Liquid, Luminosity, MiBR, TYLOO, FaZe, HellRaisers, North, and Mousesports

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