Esports Johor, born in December 2018 in the most southern corner of Malaysia bordering Singapore, are building what they hope will come to be a community base for grass-roots Esports in Johor. How do they intend to do this? By following their simple philosophy of promote, improve and inspire. Esports Johor has grown in this short time into a flourishing online community and platform, their main objective; to be the number one, independent name in Esports in Johor and eventually Malaysia.

One thing Esports Johor aim to do is provide their community and fans with the most up-to-date news and information around Esports activities and events happening in Johor, Malaysia and the rest of the world. Their aim is to reach at least 5,000 Johoreans and develop their Esports community, and have been seeking to grow and develop new connections all the time, actively looking for new partnerships or sponsorship deals as they grow so rapidly.

With a following of over 5,500 people on Facebook they have obviously been doing something right. Having recognised the rapid growth in popularity in recent years of Esports and development of the Esports industry it is Esports Johor’s hope to spread the word about the potential of Esports in their little region of Malaysia. This message includes educating Johorean’s about the potential positive cognitive effects of playing Esports (in moderation), how taking part in Esports can develop skills like teamwork and communication, and also to teach them about the potential Esports has for the development of communities and jobs in the industry.

It is their hope to reach out to parents, teachers, media, policy makers and the local government and educate them about what Esports actually is and about these potential benefits. They aim to do this by collaborating with schools, corporate and government establishments and plan to run and take part in, as many creative and inspiring Esports events and activities as possible.

Esports Johor’s long term strategy to accomplish their mission is to promote, improve and inspire: they hope to promote Esports in Malaysia and spread awareness in order to nurture and build an Esports ecosystem in Johor. This includes Esports teams, businesses, research centers, universities, entrepreneurs and startups. They hope to improve Esports in Johor by exchanging ideas and developing cutting-edge applied research projects in order to share this knowledge with the next generation of Johoreans. It is their ultimate hope that this knowledge and experience might inspire enough people to continue building and developing an Esports community in Johor, bringing more and more people and businesses together adding “value not only to Esports, but to society in general”.

Their next big events are the ESJ School Challenge taking place on the 13th of July and the PUBG Mobile Mini Tour taking place on the 20th of July. There are cash prizes for the winners of the events including a prize pool of over RM20,000.00 for the School Challenge taking place in Capital City Mall in Johor. Keep an eye out on their site for updates on how these events panned out.

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