In the latest Esports news, South Korean League of Legends team, Team Griffin and HUYA, a chinese interactive broadcast platform, have announced that they are teaming up and revealed plans for a streaming schedule featuring the Korean Esports organisation.

With support from HUYA, Team Griffin hosted a fan meet-up yesterday (July 11th) held in Beijing. Their efforts reflect both their and HUYA’s commitment to spreading awareness and popularity of non-chinese Esports teams in China. HUYA supports this gradual exposition of TG’s culture and personalities to Chinese Esports fans, having recently organised interviews with Chinese Esports media for the Korean team, as well as facilitating the release of team videos in Mandarin, the latest update in Esports news.

HUYA have further shown their commitment to increasing their global footprint and influence by also signing a partnership agreement with Team Liquid back on June 21st. The deal has been described as ‘the largest collaboration in Esports between a Chinese content platform and a Western organisation’ by our friends over at Esportinsider, your first place for all the most up-to-date Esports news. Like TG, TL has been trying to spread their global footprint and break into the Chinese Esports market; they have, with the support of HUYA been showcasing their players and personalities through the live-streaming platform.

HUYA’s influence in China should not be underestimated. The live streaming platform is a major presence in China, recently being successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange and reaching a valuation of nearly $2 billion. They are also the owners of Overwatch team the Chengdu Hunters, one of eight franchises to join the expansion of the Overwatch League prior to it’s second season.

These deals are not only massive Esports news, but will benefit both the Esports teams to establish themselves in a thriving Chinese market, but also boost HUYA’s reputation internationally, meaning we will probably see many more of these partnerships popping up all over the place.

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