The EXP Invitational took place at the X Games Minneapolis last weekend, Apex Legends fans seeing Team SoloMid beat Team Reciprocity in the Apex Legends Invitational Grand Finale. TSM claimed the $30,000 USD first prize from the $150,000 prize-pool, Reciprocity finishing 2nd and Sentinels taking 3rd place respectively.  

The EXP Invitational saw 20 of the best Apex Legends teams in the world arrive at the X Games Minneapolis for the Apex Legends Invitational. After 12 rounds of play and a total of 125 points TSM held on to their Day 1 lead and claimed victory in the last match finishing 5 points ahead of Reciprocity. Sentinels were further off, finishing with 111 points, and Fnatic took 4th with 103.

TSM finished in the top 10 places in 10 of the 12 rounds and wrapped up an impressive 65 kills and two 1st place finishes. Their impressively consistent form earning them the title of Apex Legends Invitational champions. REC in comparison finished in the top 10 places in 9 of the 12 rounds and totalled 68 kills but only one 1st place finish. REC did not make it easy for TSM running them down to the very last rounds.

In Round 11 TSM managed only an 11th place finish and 5 kills, in comparison to RECs 3rd place finish with 13 kills. However round 12 saw TSM take the gold wrapping up a 2nd place finish with 7 kills and REC finishing in a disappointing 9th place with 9 kills. This led to chants of “TSM, TSM, TSM” throughout the U.S. Bank Stadium.

They’re pretty heavy,” TSM joked standing onstage after collecting their X Games gold medals. “These things weigh like a pound, bro. It’s pretty heavy.”

For highlights of the EXP Invitational check out these videos:

Top 5 clips from day one of the ESPN EXP Invitational Apex Legends Tournament

Best moments from day one of ESPN EXP Invitational Apex Legends Tournament
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