Ferrari has announced that they are “seriously” considering establishing an F1 eSports 2019 team. Since F1 launched the official eSports series back in 2017 it has grown to include all nine teams – except for Ferrari. However, according to autosport.com

Ferrari is the last F1 team to embrace the concept of an eSports programme up until now, since F1 launched the official eSports series back in 2017. The series is back again for 2019 and this year teams will vye it out for a total prize pool of $500,000.

“eSports is increasing in terms of interest and certainly as Ferrari we are looking seriously into it,” team principal Mattia Binotto disclosed during the preparations for last weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix.

“We are not yet fully committed to the programme but it’s something where the discussions are ongoing. We will, very soon, make our own decision.”

This year’s series includes a qualifying stage held before a two-day draft process that will determine which drivers will drive for which team. Drivers will attempt to qualify for the draft through which the F1 teams select their drivers for the Pro Series.

Once the draft process is over, eSports fans will need to wait until September for the first Pro Series events which are scheduled to take place between then and December in four live events that will decide the 2019 F1 eSports Series world championship winners.

If they decide that 2019 is the year for Ferrari to officially take on the eSports universe they may also decide to allow access to Netflix who have been filming inside many F1 teams this year to produce their ‘Drive to Survive’ series that launched on the popular streaming service earlier this year.

“It’s certainly an interesting programme” stated Mattia Binotto who went on to say that participation in the programme in 2019 is something that the formidable F1 team are going to seriously consider over the coming weeks.

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