FunPlus Phoenix have won the League of Legends World Championship after a clean sweep of G2 Esports in the Grand Final. The Grand Final which took place last Sunday was the conclusion of the play-off rounds and the final game of the 2019 League of Legends esports season. 

FunPlus started the group stages of the League of Legends World Championship with some rather lackluster and shaky performances against some of the weakest competition in the main tournament field. The Chinese No. 1 seed lost to J Team on the first day of the group stages, and LoL fans were quick to compare FPP to the LPL first seed in 2015, LGD Gaming; that LGD squad are remembered for falling flat once they reached the worlds stage. But FunPlus proved they are no LGD.

One of FPPs biggest strengths throughout the worlds was their mental fortitude. They were able to push through a shaky start to the group stages and beat European third-seed Splyce to the top spot in their group. From there, FPP had to face another team with home crowd advantage: Fnatic, the No. 2 seed out of Europe that was considered one of the most dangerous teams at the worlds.

FunPlus were able to stymie Fnatic in the quarterfinals despite this, and overcome fellow LPL team and defending world champions Invictus Gaming in the semi finals, booking their spot in the League of Legends World Championship Grand Final. Throughout the bracket stage, FPP rigidly refused to deviate from their style, relying on Tian’s early pressure, Crisp’s roams and Doinb pushing out the mid minion wave to help his side lanes.

The team drafted accordingly, regardless of who their opponent was, and supplemented their compositions by giving three players Teleport as a Summoner Spell or picking champions that had map-wide or semi-global ultimates in order to turn any skirmish in FPP’s favour.


And FPP were able to use the same gameplan against G2 Esports in the LoL World Championship Grand Final to great effect. In Game 1, the Chinese squad brought out another triple-Teleport composition along with Gangplank’s global ultimate for Gimgoon. In Game 2, FunPlus put Doinb on one of his strongest champions, Ryze, in a double semi-global composition with Galio support for Crisp. By Game 3, FPP had returned to the triple-Teleport look and run Gangplank and Galio for good measure to create extra map pressure.

Despite how seemingly telegraphed FPP’s play was, G2 couldn’t find an answer. FPP do what they do better than anyone else in League of Legends, and if you can’t counter their strategy, then you can’t stop it. Lwx was able to go without a single death throughout all three games. Gimgoon died just once, only a few seconds before G2’s Nexus exploded for the final time.

That was how FunPlus Phoenix won their first-ever World Championship main event with a surprising 3-0 sweep of the favored European side G2 esports. Props to FunPlus Phoenix: a team that was peerless and fearless in sticking to their own playstyle, and won a world championship doing so. For this and more of the latest esports news and headlines, there is only one place to go: – don’t forget.