The Esports industry is about to boom, and in recent years has exploded with new growth and innovation, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by local and national organisations all over the world. With this growth and innovation has also come a noticeable increase in Esports job opportunities according to Hitmarker Esports jobs, with increases of 185.74% recorded in a study conducted by the Esports jobs website.

HitmarkerJobs conducted a study comparing the first six months of 2018 and 2019 and found significant increases in the % of Esport job opportunities available in the industry within this time period. Hitmarker Esports jobs released an infographic illustrating the change between 2018 and 2019 after gathering data from over 7,000 Esports job opportunities.

Some of the most interesting takeaways from the infographic above includes the dramatic rise in paid Esport job opportunities which increased from 1,912 to an impressive 4,028, a whopping 211% increase. It is promising to see such a steep increase in jobs like these even in a period where the financial stability of working in the Esports industry has been scrutinized.

The average age for workers in the Esports industry according to Hitmarker Esports jobs has also grown in the last year. In 2018 the 18-24 age bracket help the majority for Esports industry workers; however in 2019 this average shifter to the 25-34 year old age bracket.

Managing Director of Hitmarker Esports jobs Rich Huggan stated “It’s incredibly exciting to see so many jobs opening up in Esports globally, giving more and more people the opportunity to turn their passion into a career. We’re grateful to be able to play our part in this by providing job seekers with a definitive list of Esports jobs, and employers with talented staff. The numbers in our infographic show incredible growth in 12 short months, though there is still work to be done in addressing the gender-split of job seekers and in seeing the number of unpaid poles continue to decrease. HitmarkerJobs.com will strive to be at the helm of this change as we aim to professionalise the hiring space in both Esports and gaming”.

Half of the jobs examined by Hitmarker Esports jobs were based in the United States of America, the majority being based in California. This shows that the US is, right now, the major hotbed for jobs in the Esports industry.
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