K1llsen takes down Cooller 3-0 without much problems. The grand final was a masterclass from K1llsen. He showed amazing gameplay and it became a complete walkover for the german. 

In his first final ever at QuakeCon 2019, he showed up. He never seemed in any trouble and showed off great control off the map with amazing defense rockets. He showed that he can use multiple champions but his nyx is amazing to see. Cooller did not look like the Cooller from the previous days. He seemed irritated at some points of the game. He never got really any control going.

For 3rd and 4th place we saw Rapha and Raisy battle it out which became an intense battle between two masters of the game. We saw some intense close games and some insane movement skills coming out off raisy. But Rapha stood his ground and in a lot of close maps, it ended in a 3-1 victory for a veteran of the game Liquid Rapha.

We saw some insane gameplay today even in the lower side of the table which we will discuss in tomorrow’s article with the full recap of the remaining games. Quake pro league officially kicked off now with as your first winner K1llsen. We from Esportsnow can’t wait to see how the pro scene of quake champions evolves over the coming year. With all the talent out there I am sure we will see some more surprises in the future.

Place$ USDPlayerTeam
1st$10,000 k1llsen BIG
2nd$7,000 Cooller AMD
3rd$5,000 rapha Team Liquid
4th$4,500 RAISY Myztro Gaming
place 5 to 20 
5th$4,500 Xron
6th$4,000 DaHanG Team Liquid
7th$4,000 Av3k Team Endpoint
8th$3,500 base
9th$3,500 toxjq
10th$3,000 psygib Ascent Esports
11th$3,000 nosfa Black Dragons e-Sports
12th$2,500 vengeurR Myztro Gaming
13th$2,500 cha1n Team Singularity
14th$2,000 GaRpY Myztro Gaming
15th$1,000 dramiS
16th$1,000      whaz
17th$1,000 Spart1e
18th$1,000     sib
19th$1,000 Effortless
20th$1,000 br1ck Ascent Esports

For full coverage of this event can be found through this link and all match results can be found here. Want to watch all the matches back check out the youtube channel. Or, for more Esports related news check out our homepage.