The equivalent of the World Cup of video games is set to begin once again as the League of Legends World Championship approaches. The month-long marathon heads to Europe this year, and will see 13 different regions from across the globe compete for the illustrious Summoner’s Cup, during which a total of 24 squads will be cut down to the final 2, and the champion crowned on November 10th at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris.

This year’s League of Legends World Championship may very well go down as one of the most wide-open worlds in history. Last year’s event saw the five-year reign of South Korean teams winning the tournament end despite having hosted the event. The grand finale saw China’s Invictus Gaming upend Europe’s Fnatic with a dominant 3 – 0 sweep.

This year’s tournament will be held in Europe and the odds currently reflect the unpredictable nature of the League of Legends competition. We at Esportsnow have the odds laid out by Betspawn, and are going to parse you through the bets are too good to be true and which longshots could bring home the gold.

Here is the full list of odds for the outright winners, most likely to reach the final and which region the eventual champion will hail from.

To Win Outright:

SK Telecom T1 – 6.00

FunPlus Phoenix – 4.50

G2 Esports – 6.50

Invictus Gaming – 6.50

Griffin – 9.00

DAMWON Gaming – 8.50

To Reach The Final:

SK Telecom T1 – 3.00

FunPlus Phoenix – 2.25

G2 Esports – 3.25

Invictus Gaming – 3.25

Griffin – 4.50

DAMWON Gaming – 4.33

Region of Winner:

LPL (China) – 2.37

LCK (South Korea) – 2.60

LEC (Europe) – 4.50

LCS (North America) – 21.00

Any Other Region – 41.00

Example: if you put $100 on a team from the LPL to win the world championship and they do so, you win $237.00 If you put $5 on the LCK and they win, you’d win $13.

Hot Tips:

DAMWON Gaming (8.50) a team from South Korea with four rookie starters are an exciting pick. Somewhat resembling a 2018 Invictus Gaming, they play with reckless abandon and the similarities don’t stop with how the two teams play. Kim “Kim” Jeong-soo coached Invictus to the world title back in 2018 before moving to a youthful DAMWON in 2019. DAMWON are a true boom-or-bust bet.

LCS, North America (21.00) are currently heavily undervalued, and this 3-team package at 21.00 could be the best bet on offer. No, the LCS isn’t the strongest region out there, it’s clear to anyone who follows LoL that China, South Korea and Europe are the current strong-houses fighting it up for the top spot. This in no way means that the LCS will be a non-factor when it comes to international competitions like these.

Cloud9 made it deep into the playoffs during the worlds in 2018, and Team Liquid very recently made it all the way to the finals of MSI, eventually losing out to G2 Esports in the grand final. This does not put C9 or TL among the favorites to lift the trophy, but both teams (and staff) have bags of experience. All it would take is a lucky group draw for either Team Liquid and C9 to make it to the playoff rounds. From there, anything is possible.

Bets to avoid

FunPlus Phoenix (4.50) Stay away from FPX. This is not meant as an indictment of how strong FPX are as a team, they’re pretty damn good. But as a team, FPX has never had any success internationally, and are not really worthy of such odds. None of the players on China’s top team’s roster has played in the worlds before. But for a team that is considered a clear favorite to take it all? We say no.

Invictus Gaming (6.50) Another Chinese team in our no-list. If you’re determined to bet on a Chinese team go with RNGU. IG’s odds seem inflated only because they are defending the world champion title and are bringing back the same starting roster that took home the title in 2018. So what’s the problem? Dysfunction and poor current form. Invictus barely survived the China Regional Final, and nothing indicates that they will be any more on the same page with only a few weeks of downtime going into the competition.

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