Pixion Games, a London based games developer, announced recently a $2million investment fund it has raised to further develop Mobile Esports titles and drive Mobile Esports development along the forward trend Esports fans have seen in recent years. 

Mobile Esports development has soared in recent years with the development of titles such as Vainglory, Clash Royale, Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends. The trend of moving towards Mobile device users has been seen in many industries in recent years, such as iGaming, Payment and Banking etc., but the growing-trend has not missed the Esports industry.

Despite the fact that most Esports games are found available mainly on PC or console, mobile application usage is already growing and gathering pace and may change many gamers’ perspectives of cybersports. Android and IOS based MOBAs and MMOs have gained popularity in recent years and gained themselves a relatively strong position in the Esports world.

Vainglory is probably the best example of this, as it was the first online MOBA. Since it’s launch in 2014 Vainglory has already developed its very own professional gaming scene, and because of its 5v5 battles, wide range of choice of heroes and free gameplay has attracted millions of fans from around the world. In 2017 the first ever Vainglory World Championships were held, and gathered over 56,000 viewers. Since 2017 these numbers have only been increasing and show the growing popularity of Mobile Esports development titles such as this.

This week has seen the announcement that Pixion, founded in 2017 and currently made up of veterans from titles such as King Digital, Konami, Curve Digital and Hutch, has raised over $2 million in a development fund aimed to further the development of such cybersport titles. This funding will be used specifically to develop PvP experiences on mobile, their hope to create multiplayer titles that can be played in short bursts, with the concept of “Lunchtime Esports” in mind.

“Mobile gamers are maturing across the spectrum and we are seeing a re-segmentation of casual players looking for a more core experience on mobile. These players who we call digital natives are accepting more complex systems but still want accessibility to be central to their experience” – Pixion CEO Kam Punia.

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