The San Francisco Shock have beaten the Vancouver Titans in the Overwatch League Grand Final with their 5th straight 4 – 0 victory in the Overwatch League playoff rounds. The Shock were crowned the Overwatch League Champions for 2019, and took home the trophy and the top prize of $1,100,000 USD, after defeating a resolute Titans team in the Overwatch League Final.

Having finished just behind the Atlanta Reign in the stage 4 table of the Overwatch League with just a one point difference, it shouldn’t come as a major shock to anyone that the San Francisco Shock are Overwatch League champions for 2019. They were to face off against the Vancouver Titans in the Overwatch League Final which took place last night, and came into the final match-up having won every previous round of the playoffs stages (since their 4 – 3 defeat by the Atlanta Reign in the quarter finals), 4 – 0.

The Californian team were able to shock the Titans, who had made it into the grand finale through the Winners’ final (after beating NYXL 4 – 3). Anyone who claims to have predicted a 5th straight 4 – 0 victory for the Shock will be lying, the Titans certainly did not see it coming. The first round took place on Lijang Tower (Control) and the Shock controlled the round throughout. The round finished 2 – 0 in the Shock’s favour, and the second round moved on to Eichenwalde (Hybrid).

The second round of the grand final was a much tighter-fought affair. The Titans managed to put up a decent fight on the hybrid round but the Shock ultimately proved too much for the Titans, holding out for a 4 – 3 win. The third round took place on Temple of Anubis (Assault) also finishing 4 – 3 in the Shock’s favour. At 3 – 0 in the Bo7 final, Shock were only one round from victory.

The final round took place on Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort), and was also a nail-biter. The game finally finished 3 – 2, Hyo-bin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi, South Korean off-tank player for the Shock took MVP for the round. This meant the San Francisco Shock are the Overwatch League champions for 2019 and on top of lifting the OWL trophy, received a whopping $1,100,000 top prize for their efforts.

The Titans received a runners-up prize of $600,000 and rookie player Hyojong “Haksal” Kim was awarded with the title of ‘Rookie of the Year’. ChoiHyoBin won the T-Mobile Grand Finals MVP for the Shock, while Jay “sinatraa” Won was awarded the title of T-Mobile Regular Season MVP.

For highlights of this year’s Overwatch League final, follow this link. Congratulations to the San Francisco Shock on the victory and being crowned Overwatch League champions for 2019. Will they be back in the playoff picture next year? With a young roster full or potential, as long as the Shock can stick together expect to see them there or there-abouts next season.

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