Paris Saint-Germain Esports have claimed their second ever Rocket League title by winning the DreamHack Valencia 2019 Pro Circuit event. This was the third event (of four) in the DreamHack Pro Circuit tour of 2019 and took place in Spain between the 5th and the 7th of July. Rocket League fans saw 32 pro teams fight it out for their place in the Grand Finale where, PSG faced off against NRG Esports winning the series 4 -2 and the first prize of $50,000.

The long awaited DreamHack Valencia Pro Circuit 2019 took place last weekend. This major Rocket League event saw 32 teams battling it out for their share of the $100,000 prize pool. 17 RLCS teams from 3 regions were among the lucky 32, split up into 4 groups with teams like Renault Vitality, Cloud9 and NRG standing out as definite favourites for top spot before the tournament kicked off.

Not many people expected PSG to show the form they did before the competition. Having won only one previous Rocket League major title, the DreamHack Open Leipzig in 2018, winning the DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia is a fantastic achievement. Starting off in group A, PSG’s first match-up was against CHG who they beat 3 – 0. They followed this up with a 3 – 1 victory against Triple Trouble qualifying them for the quarter finals on day 2. In the quarter finals Ground Zero Gaming stood in PSG’s way and les Rouge et Bleu saw off GZG with a simple 3 – 1 victory.

The semi-finals were less simple however as PSG found themselves up against a very good Vitality, who swept PSG 3 – 0 sending the French side into a Losers’ Round 2 game against Dignitas. DIG did not make it easy on PSG who came away eventual 3 – 2 winners and qualified for the playoffs on day 3. Next up on their road to the Grand Finale, PSG had another tough match-up against C9 who also frustrated the French team driving them close, but PSG held on for a second 3 – 2 win in a row.

This found them in the semi finals of the DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia against surprise semi-finalists The Bricks who managed to knock out FCB in the quarter finals. This game was a much more straightforward 4 – 1 win for Paris and secured them their place in the Finals.

For NRG it was a much different story. They started off in group D as one of the favourites and made easy work of SGE 3 – 1 in their tournament opener. Next followed a surprising 3 – 2 loss against RGRR which sent them into the day 1 Losers’ Round 2 and a game against AURA which they won comfortably 3 – 1. Day 2 also started bumpy for NRG who suffered a painful 3 – 1 defeat against G2 Esports who went on to lose against FCB in the semifinals. This meant another Losers’ Round 1 match; they faced a tough Rogue Esports team but came out eventual 3 – 1 winners progressing on to Round 2. The made easy work of Triple Trouble winning 3 – 0 and qualifying for the playoffs.

After this NRG’s form did improve when it mattered most. They beat RV 3 – 0 in the quarterfinals of the playoff rounds. Beat Complexity Gaming 4 – 2 in their semi-final match-up, and booked a ticket in the DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia Grand Finale.

The final game saw PSG and NRG battle it out in what turned out to be a thrilling Grand Finale. PSG took the first round in DFH Stadium winning the first game of the series 3 – 1. NRG won the next two games in Aquadome and Mannfield (Night) 3 – 0 and  4 – 0 respectively. But after that PSG found their previous form taking down Wasteland 4 – 2 in game 4 and leveling the series at 2 – 2. Neo Tokyo finished 3 – 1 in game 5 and their final battle of the series took place in Utopia Coliseum where PSG held out for a 2 – 1 win, and also the DreamHack Pro Circuit Valencia title for 2019.

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This gave PSG Esports what is their second ever Rocket League Title, $50,000 and the chance to repeat their success and prove their rightful spot at the top of the Rocket League talent pool when they qualify for the DreamHack Pro Circuit Montreal being held in September.
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