The PUBG Global Championship Semi Finals are kicking off next weekend, where the last 16 of the PUBG Global Championship will be determined. The Global Championships is the final event of the competitive PUBG season, with a $3,000,000 USD prize pool for 2019.

24 teams have made it through the group stage and elimination stage to qualify for the semi finals of the PUBG Global Championship. These 24 will be whittled down to the last 16 at the semi finals, only 16 spots available at the PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals. 8 teams have already been sent home from the Championships. See the final table from the elimination stage below:

Up to this point the PUBG Global Championship has been littered with unforgettable moments. The opening weekend hasn’t disappointed as an exciting Group Stage advanced twenty-four teams to the Semi-Finals and sent eight teams home. The PUBG Global Championship kicked off last Friday when sixteen teams dropped into the battlegrounds to begin their pursuit of PUBG Esports supremacy.

The total prize pool grew last week, PUBG Esports announced. The PGC prize pool had been increased by another $1,000,000 due to a variety of recently introduced weapons and clothing skins available for purchase in-game. Prior to the tournament, the company announced that previously promised franchise skins wouldn’t be sold for qualified teams which upset some PUBG fans out there. This lead to a compromise by PUBG Corp. to contribute 25% of the revenue from PGC-themed skins to the overall prize pool. 

In less than two days, a quarter of the revenue had increased the PGC prize pool to over $3,000,000, still ten days away from the Grand Finals. The opening weekend of PGC lived up to the hype, but we’re far from finished! This weekend, tune in for the Semi-Finals where the remaining twenty-four teams will compete in a three-group round-robin format for a spot in the Grand Finals.

Stay tuned right here for all the updates from the PUBG Global Championships and everything else esports related. Thank you for reading