PUBG Corp. revealed today that the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Mobile, has been downloaded a whopping 600 million times across the globe. This figure should come as no surprise though, due to the game’s popularity, especially in India and Asia.

PUBG Mobile hit a whopping 600 million downloads this week. PUBG Corp. announced these unbelievable statistics, may of these downloads coming from both India and other parts of Asia. It also helps that the mobile title is entirely free to play unlike the PC version, so anyone can download and try it out without having to spend a dime

To put this massive number into perspective, in July 2018 the mobile version of the game had around 400 million users, a huge 200 million player increase in what has been little over a year.

In comparison the PC and console versions of PUBG only had around 50 million players in July 2018. This means the mobile version has far exceeded the total number of players on other systems. The Player Unknown’s Mobile player count is likely to continue to rise while the game reaches other territories and gets more modes and updates.

The PUBG Mobile World League will run alongside the PUBG Mobile Club Open in 2020. The format for next year has been made such that amateur, semi-pro, and pro players alike can get a feeling of competing in the highest levels of competition.

Top teams will advance to the Regional Pro League, which will be followed by the World League. This will ultimately lead to the PUBG Mobile World Championship 2020.

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