The Quake Pro League (QPL) is the premier professional Esports league for Quake Champions and kicked off this year at QuakeCon2019. The QPL will see 20 of the top Quake players in the world competing against each other over the next ten weeks or so, fighting it out for a spot in a LAN event taking place at ESL Lucca Comics & Games, Italy, in November.  

During QuakeCon2019, twenty of the best Quake players from two regions, the Americas and EU/CIS battled it out in a heartpounding, 4 day, round-robin event, to determine their global rankings going into this year’s Quake Pro League season. Marcel “k1llsen” Paul from Germany finished at no.1 after QuakeCon 2019 with an impressive 17 – 3 record and 39 points.

For the upcoming QPL season, players are being divided into two groups, based on region, and over the next ten weeks will battle it out to climb higher in the Quake Pro League rankings. Games will be played weekly, and will be 1v1 Time Limit Duel matches. The groups look like this:

At the end of Stage 1 the top ranked players will be seeded into the Challengers brackets at the 2-day face-to-face LAN event being held by ESL in Italy at Lucca Comics & Games in November (2nd & 3rd). Depending on a player’s rank, they will be seeded into different rounds of the LAN event, as can be seen below:

Current QPL standings:

At the end of Week 2, American Shane “rapha” Hendrixson has taken the no.1 spot from k1llsen, currently sitting with a 19-3 record and 49 points. However k1llsen is not far behind, with 1 game in hand and only 2 points behind the American. At the end of week 2 this is how the current QPL world rankings looks like:

Where to watch?

Quake fans can catch QPL matches by tuning in to the official Quake channel on Twitch. Beginning August 25th, there will be 8 QPL games streamed every Sunday by FACEIT studios. The schedule for the QPL will be as follows:

Take on the Pros!

As part of the QPL this year, Quake fans will have an opportunity to win their way to the LAN event in November to take on their favourite Quake Pros! Quake Challengers is YOUR chance to take on the pros. By playing in the weekly, single-elimination bracket competition, players will accumulate points throughout the season. At the end of the season, the players with the most points will be flown out to Italy by Bethesda, get the chance to challenge a current member of the Quake Pro League, and possibly win their way, all the way to becoming Quake Pro League World Champion.

The Challengers League will also be divided by region. The Americas will include Australia, while the EU/CIS will also include Africa. The Challengers League will run every Saturday from August 31st leading up to the LAN event in Italy on the 2nd/3rd of November.

To SIGN UP for the Quake Challengers League, CLICK HERE.

That’s it for our explanation on the QPL, we hope you found it entertaining and educational! Sign up while you still can and who knows, you could find yourself taking on the best Quake players in the world in Italy, possibly even taking home the GRAND PRIZE, holding the QPL trophy over your head. Anything is possible.

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