Day 2 of the Quake pro league has been played at Quakecon 2019. Yesterday Myztro VengeurR claimed first place but on day 2 Russian Quake legend Cooller stepped up and took first place. The Mytrzo boys Vengeurr and Raisy dropped in the rankings but old Myztro player Xron is looking to write history and climbed up to second place in the rankings.

Day 2 in the Quake pro league kicked off at QuakeCon 2019 and it is becoming an exciting tournament with the new time-limited duels and round-robin type of format. The event is getting a lot of criticism but at least we see some new and old names every day performing in great fashion. Russian legend Cooller shows that he is still capable of competing with the top of the world. While k1llsen and Xron are already for years able to compete with the top of the world in Quake we now see them popping off and being very consistent. 

Liquid Rapha is not in top form yet but is hanging in there in 4th place with 5 points less then Cooller. We are used to seeing Rapha on the top of the table but if he wants to finish in the top three at Quakecon this year there is still a lot of work to be done. On 5th and 6th place we find the Myztro boys Vengeurr and Raisy after a great first day with some insane plays from both of them they had a rough second day. They will need to win all their matches on the last day and hope that the top guys in the rankings make mistakes and lose some games.

As the top guys are fighting it out, there are also big names not able to perform on the high level of play that is displayed. Names as Av3k, Toxjq and DaHang are all underperforming and we find them back on place 9th, 10th and 11th. They have a lot of work to do if they wanna be competing for the top spots again in future tournaments.

While those guys are underperforming we see some ‘’newer’’ guys to the quake scene performing better than expected on place 7th and 8th we find Brazilian player Nosfa and the Russian player Base. They won’t be competing for the top spots but they will take this experience with them in future tournaments and who knows what we will see from then in future events.

While Psygib in online events performed really well and even at Quakecon we saw glances of what this man can do we find him back at the bottom of the table. Together with veterans of the game cha1n, Garphy, Spart1e they are not able to compete with the best of the best. We find them back on place 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th.

Completely in the bottom of the 20th players table, we got whaz, dramiS, effortless, sib and br1ck. These guys are valued members of the community but have a long way to go if they want to really compete with the top of the Quake Champions scene.

We are going into day 3 and there are a few questions to be answered. Is Rapha able to make an insane come back and grab one of the top spots or are k1llsen, Xron and Cooller going to battle it out for gold? Stay tuned for our final day 3 recap.
For full coverage of this event can be found through this link and all match results can be found here. Want to watch all the matches back check out the youtube channel. Or, for more Esports related news check out our homepage.