Quakecon 2019 has kicked off and Myztro VengeurR claims first place after the first day in the new Quake pro league. The best players in the world gathered at Quakecon 2019 in Dallas, USA. While the tournament is held in the USA, after day one it is the European players on top. Myztro Gaming are especially showing their potential in their Quake roster and next to VengeurR at first place, the second place is taken by Myztro Raisy after day one.

The Quake pro league kicked off at Quakecon 2019, the event will run from the 25th of July until the 27th. Day one just ended and Myztro gaming showed that they put in the time and effort to perform well in the newly created Quake pro league. They are dominating day one with amazing plays. Check out our socials as we are sharing some of their amazing plays there. VengeurR only lost one match against quake legend Liquid Rapha. All other opponents stood no chance against the young Italian player. The same counts for his teammate Raisy he only lost against Nosfa 0-2 in maps.

Big names such as Cooller, k1llsen, Xron and Toxjq share third place and are all still in the running for first. Surprisingly, legend of the game Liquid Rapha is currently placed mid-table after he had a rough first day. There are still two days to go, so let’s see if Rapha is able to get back on the horse and climb back up the ladder. 

For the other participants, it will be a hard battle to get back into the tournament but nothing is impossible when we talk about names like Myztro Garphy, Av3k, Spygib, Dahang or base. We will have to see what today will bring but so far it looks like the Myztro youngsters are going to battle it out for first.

Group Standings
. RAISY6-112-2+10
. Cooller6-112-3+9
. k1llsen6-112-3+9
. Xron6-112-3+9
. toxjq6-112-3+9
. psygib5-212-6+6
. DaHanG5-211-5+6
. rapha5-211-5+6
. base5-211-6+5
. Av3k4-38-6+2
. Spart1e3-48-9-1
. nosfa3-47-9-2
. GaRpY1-65-12-7
. dramiS1-63-12-9
. cha1n1-63-13-10
. whaz1-62-13-11
. br1ck0-71-14-13
. Effortless0-70-14-14
. sib0-70-14-14

For full coverage of this event can be found through this link and all match results can be found here. Want to watch all the matches back check out the youtube channel. Or, for more Esports related news check out our homepage.