The Rift Rivals 2019 LCK-LPL-LMS-VCS tournament took place in Seoul, Korea between the 4th and the 7th of July. This League of Legends blockbuster tournament saw the LCK claim it’s first ever Rift Rivals Asia title with a 3 – 1 victory yesterday. The LCK started strongly, winning 7 out of 8 games in the initial rounds showing much better form than the previous two installments of the event.

It was third time lucky for the South Korean region though, and after four days of tough competition the LCK teams proved victorious, taking home the top prize at the Jangchung Arena in Seoul. The series finished 3 – 1 after four exciting matches against the LCK. Despite looking stronger than ever and dominating the competition along the way, the Chinese teams were not able to overcome the Koreans when it really mattered.

Chinese team Invictus Gaming opened the series against Korean team Kingzone DragonX. Though IG started well, Kingzone ultimately pulled through breaking through the Chinese’s defensive stance and claiming the first victory for LCK after 29 minutes.

SK Telecom T1 then took on Topsports Gaming, the match revolving around SKT star Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok who led the Korean team’s new, aggressive style. Half way into the second match of the series, TG found themselves lost on the map. They were unable to react and get themselves back into the game, SKT making it 2 – 0 to the LCK.

Team Griffin had the opportunity to make it a clean sweep for the LCK but FunPlus Phoenix had other plans. FPP’s mid laner Kim ‘Doinb’ Tae-sang took the initiative and picked the unexpected Pantheon with Ignite. The LPL team took over the map and despite tough resistance from the South Koreans, FPP managed to hang in there and claim the first victory of the series making the score 2 – 1.

This meant the final matchup of the event came down to JD Gaming and DAMWON Gaming. Despite giving the LPL a glimmer of hope and allowing JDG to dominate the early phases of the game, DAMWON were ultimately unstoppable, claiming the win after catching 2 JDG players for the ace.

This gives the LCK their first ever Rift Rivals 2019 title as well as some respite after losing the first 2 iterations of this event. What will this mean for the World Championship? Only time will tell.For the most up-to-date Esports news check out Esportsnow. For fans of CS:GO check out our recap of this year’s ESL One Cologne 2019 event, where Team Liquid cemented their ranking as the best pro-CS:GO team in the world.