Rocket League Championship Series Season 7

The Rocket League Championship Series Season 7 is the first to take place in 2019. This year’s event is the first to introduce a 4th region to the division with teams from South America being invited and will take place in Newark between the 21st and the 23rd of June. A total of 12 teams will face off for their share of the overall prize-pool of over $529,500 USD, a small increase from last year’s event.

The tournament will be split into 4 groups of 3 teams with a total of 8 teams advancing to the playoffs faze. The exact split of the $529,500 prize pool is still as of yet unknown. Four teams from Europe and North America as well as two from Oceania and two from South America have made it to this years RLCS Season 7 finals. Group A consists of NRG Esports (NA), PSG Esports (EU) and INTZ Esports (SA). In Group B are Renault Vitality (EU), G2 Esports (NA) and Ground Zero Gaming (OC). In Group C find themselves Renegades (OC), FCBarcelona Esports (EU) and Rogue Esports (NA). And lastly, Group D consists of Lowkey Esports (SA), Cloud 9 (NA) and last but not least pro rocket league team Triple Trouble (EU).

Both Cloud9 and NRG Esports lead the line for the North American teams seen as favourites from that region, whereas Vitality and FCB are looking to win back the RLCS World Championship for Europe in this year’s event. However, the teams from Oceania or South America are not going to just roll over and make it easy for them. Could this year’s RLCS Season 7 finals see an upset from one of the newcomers? Esports fans are going to have to stay tuned and wait and see.

In total 10 nationalities will be represented at what will be the biggest RLCS event of the year so far. FCB and Triple Trouble will be the first two teams participating at the World Championships directly after gaining promotion from the RLRS. Rogue Esports have found their way back into the World Championships after missing out three times in a row, whereas in comparison, NRG Esports are returning for what will be a record 6th straight World Championship event.

If you want to check out some highlights from Season 7 so far, check out this RLCS Season 7 montage edited by MinK. Esports fans might also want to check out this review of the 2019 CWL Anaheim Open. Let’s all get pumped for what will hopefully be, an action-packed and exciting Rocket League Championship Series, Season 7 finals.