Chinese League of Legends and PUBG team Snake Esports has undergone a rebranding transformation, reveleaved it’s new new name and logo, LNG Esports, on its home venue in the Chinese city of Chongqing, and have secured the signatures of previous superstars like former player of Snake esports SofM.

The organisation have yet to officially announce the rebrand though sources close to Snake informed our friends over at the Esports Observer that more details are expected to be released soon. The new logo features a ‘Qilin’, a mythical Chinese creature also known as a ‘Chinese unicorn’ symbolising good luck and prosperity, reflective of the name of the team’s current owner Li Qilin, CEO of Viva China Sports and executive board member of the Li-Ning Group.

Despite the lack of public announcements as of yet, the rebrand has been picked up and reported by a number of Chinese sports media outlets. Snake competes in both League of Legends and PUBG events throughout China and owns a regular birth in China’s League of Legends Pro League the LPL. The new alias of LNG Esports however potentially allows for collaboration or association with the Chinese sportswear brand Li-Ning, as do the connections of owner Li Qilin with both parties.

This rebranding means that LNG will acquire not only Snake Esports roster of LOL Pro’s but also the team’s LPL 2019 Summer seed. Former player of Snake esports SofM signed a new deal with LNG on the 21st of May along with other LOL Pro’s such as Flandre, Fenfen Asura and Maestro; Plex and Duan joining a couple of days later on May 23rd.

Will this rebrand bring a change of fortunes to the Chinese organisation? We will have to wait until the 1st of June when the LPL 2019 Summer event kicks off before we get a definitive answer. But perhaps with the luck of their new mascot behind them, 2019 will turn out to be a very prosperous year for LNG.
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