Tencent Esports City is planned to be built in China. Tencent has announced plans to build an entire city dedicated to Esports. According to Tencent officials, it is their plan to invest over $150million in this new Tencent Esports city which will be located in Wuhu county in Eastern China, after Tencent signed a framework agreement with the local government there. The city will reportedly include an Esports Theme park, a Tencent cloud data center, and even an Esports University among others.

Tencent are probably better known for their messaging services WeChat and QQ. It is understood that they have plans to bring QQJOY, a gaming convention for QQ mobile games, and QGC, a mobile gaming competition, to Wuhu where this year’s QGC finals will take place. The video game market in China is probably the biggest in the world, a fact not lost on Tencent or local governments throughout China either.

Nearly 500 million people in China are active video game players with over 145 million of those playing for more than 1 hour per day, according to an estimate made in 2014 by market research firm, Eedar. City and county officials throughout China have also taken notice of the Esports dollar and many are making plans involving Esports with hopes of stimulating local economy and driving tourism.

Tencent have also announced plans to build a ‘Honor of Kings’ theme park in Chengdu, a game that reached over 50 million users in January of this year. Similarly Taicang, a city in Suzhou county in eastern China announced plans for an Esports town that would encompass a combined space for Esports cultural displays, ‘game experience zones’ as well as an Esports industrial park. Zhongxian county in Chongqing, Southwest China have even gone so far as to pledge an injection of up to 4 billion yuan (equivalent of $580 million) over the next three years into its Esports industrial park.

These announcements reflect Tencent’s willingness to invest in Tencent Esport City which should come as no surprise; in 2016 over 47% of Tencent’s total revenue came from games. The company announced revenues of over $10.2 billion dollars in 2018, dwarfing that of close-rivals NetEase who managed a mere $4 billion in revenues. With such a high popularity/demand and with revenue streams of this magnitude, it is no wonder Tencent have decided to be the first to construct an entire Esports City, the Tencent Esports City.

Their vision includes an Esports theme park, Esports university, a cultural and creative park, an animation-industrial park, a creative neighbourhood and a Tencent cloud data center. They also envision a Tencent technology entrepreneurship community to help further developments in the Esports industry, all in hopes to stimulate the local economy and increase tourism. The local government of Wuhu, plans to allocate a total of about $150million to build an Esports ecosystem in the city, and offering support to developing Esports companies, including allowances for local Esports tournaments up to $1.5million. 

They also announced an Esports talent program that will help incentivise new players to try and turn pro. This program will provide benefits on purchasing houses, accessing higher education and more, a revolutionary type of program but one we will hopefully see more and more of as the world of Esports continues to expand and explode. They will offer Esports companies lower tax rates and tax breaks to establish or relocate to the province and the area will become what is known as an ‘easy-visa-zone’ to allow more tourism and freedom of travel through the country.

With bold and forward-thinking strategies like these, it is no surprise that China is dominating earnings-levels in the current world of pro esports. For more Esports news currently coming out of China, check out this article revealing the new name of Snake Esports team who recently have undergone a rebrand. Or alternatively, just keep your eyes peeled here for the most up-to-date and relevant Esports news from Esportsnow.