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DreamHack Masters Malmö: Fnatic Overcome Team Vitality

This week in esports Fnatic have won the DreamHack Masters Malmö after an impressive come-back victory against Team Vitality in yesterday’s grand final. Team Vitality struck first winning the first map of the CS:GO event’s final game; however, Fnatic were not to be denied winning maps 2 and 3 in quick succession to take down the title of Masters of Malmö, being crowned champions and taking home the top prize of $100,000 USD.

Watch highlights of the Grand Finale here.

Pittsburgh Knights Announce New Rocket League Team

The Pittsburgh Knights announced this week that they have recruited Rocket League team, The Peeps and will be entering the RLCS Season 8. The esports organisation has continued its recent expansion by adding the members of the Peeps’ roster to their own, the first iteration of a Rocket League Team for the Pittsburgh Knights.

The Pittsburgh Knights have added a Rocket League team to their esports organisation, having this week recruited Rocket League team the Peeps. The Knights chose Rocket League for very specific reasons; in order to appeal to a diverse range of sponsors and to try to connect to a younger audience. As well as this the esports organisation has Olympic aspirations, the esport having recently been added to the Olympic circuit.

Hearthstone Pro Ng Wai “blitzchung” Chung Banned By Blizzard

Hearthstone pro Ng Wai “blitzchung” Chung has been banned by Blizzard after calling for the liberation of Hong Kong during a live stream. blitzchung was taken off air after his public support for Hong Kong during a live stream causing widespread controversy in the esports industry this week.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Blizzard’s decision to ban Ng Wai “blitzchung” Chung for a year, for proclaiming support for Hong Kong’s liberation movement during an official stream this week, with more details coming to light all the time. The r/Hearthstone subreddit has seen a multitude of accounts by fans expressing their support for Chung after he was banned by Blizzard, many fans stating their intention to quit the game in solidarity with Chung and Hong Kong.

Check out this video by that addresses this controversial decision by Blizzard.

Call of Duty League Details Confirmed

The new Call of Duty League, to debut in 2020 has this week been confirmed and details including official name, number of teams, logo and the prize-pool were announced by Activision. The new franchised competition will replace the current iteration of the Call of Duty World League and will feature a total of 12 teams located in cities across the world as well as a $6,000,000 USD prize-pool.

This week in esports Activision confirmed the launch of the new Call of Duty League, debuting in 2020, that will feature a total of 12 franchised teams as well as a $6 million USD prize-pool. This will be the “next chapter” for the Call of Duty League, details being announced and confirmed on its website on Wednesday.

EA and MFA partnering up for Malta BOV ePremier League

EA and MFA are partnering up in order to create what will be known as the Malta BOV ePremier League and is scheduled to kick-off in November. Pro FIFA players from all around Malta will be able to suit-up and represent a team from the BOV Premier League, a strategy both parties hope will bridge the gap between virtual and traditional football and drive and accelerate engagement with local fandom.

Team Liquid expands SAP partnership to cover LCS team

Team Liquid has expanded its partnership with German software corporation SAP to include its LCS-winning League of Legends roster. SAP and Team Liquid first began working together in 2018 with most of the attention being attributed to Dota 2.

SAP will work with Team Liquid during its run at the League of Legends World Championship, which gets underway on October 12th. Team Liquid’s first game comes against Korean first-seed Damwon Gaming.

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