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ESL to host the first CS:GO Major in Brazil in 2020

This week in Esports it was announced that Brazil could be set to host its first CS:GO Major in 2020, according to Jarek “DeKay” Lewis. The event could take place in May 2020, making it the first CS:GO Major of 2020. ESL hopes to organize the event in Rio de Janeiro and call it the ESL One Rio Major, and if the Rio Major is confirmed, it will mark the seventh time that ESL has hosted a Major CS:GO event. In 2019, ESL organised the IEM Katowice in February after a three-year absence.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds update and patch notes review

The first major Hearthstone Battlegrounds update is out. The update goes live today and includes a variety of balance changes, and four new heroes. Sindragosa joins the ranks alongside three heroes from the League of Explorers: Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Elise Starseeker, and Brann Bronzebeard. This means that four heroes will also be leaving Battlegrounds to make room for the new recruits.

League of Legends Patch Notes 9.23

The latest League of Legends update, Patch notes 9.23 will shift the meta dramatically, with changes to Summoner’s Rift, Epic Monsters, Lethality and Support items, experience, and Runes. Riot Gaming is holding off on changes to champion buffs and nerfs in this update, but expect plenty of changes that will shift the hierarchy and tier lists around.

100 Thieves out of DreamHack Winter 2019

In the latest esports news, 100 Thieves won’t be competing at the DreamHack Winter 2019 being held in Jönköping, Sweden next month. A replacement team is expected to be announced soon. The Australians will no longer participate in the DreamHack Open Winter, which is set to be played from November 29th to December 1st and will feature 8 of the best pro CS:GO teams around.

MDL Chengdu 2019: Team Liquid puts on Dota 2 clinic vs. Alliance

Team Liquid’s Dota 2 team stomped Alliance in two games with their tournament lives on the line today in the MDL Chengdu 2019 Major. Team Liquid were able to put their early bad form behind them and will remain in the MDL Chengdu Major as Europe’s sole representatives.

The current Team Liquid roster was previously poached from their opponents, the Alliance organization, forcing Jonathan “Loda” Berg to scramble and quickly put together a brand new roster despite promises not to change out the players. Though there may be no bad blood between the two rosters, it was undeniably a more interesting matchup than the average match up at the MDL Chengdu 2019 Major.

CSGO Update patch Nov. 22: Notes and updates

In the latest CSGO update Valve is focusing on fixing map visibility. There was subsequent backlash from the CSGO community earlier this week after the release of new player models and in response, Valve has issued a micropatch. Here are the most important patch notes and updates.

The latest CSGO update is out, released earlier today, Valve are making an adjustment to a number of maps based on feedback, to improve visibility, fix re-zoom regression, and introduce a new system called Storage Units, that will give players the option to store up to 1,000 inventory items each.

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