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TNC Predator turn the tide on Vici Gaming, win the MDL Chengdu Major

This week in esports, TNC Predator rose from the ashes of initial defeat against Vici Gaming and will now be shrouded in Dota 2 glory after winning the MDL Chengdu and securing the top prize of $300,000 USD. It is the second time in a row TNC were able to take down Chinese teams in front of their home crowds and win an international Dota 2 LAN tournament.

Yesterday’s win at the MDL Chengdu Major means TNC have put themselves in pole position in the 2019/20 Dota Pro Circuit and have all but guaranteed their spot at The International 2020. For their first place finish TNC will receive the top prize of $300,000 USD and 4,850 DPC points, firmly placing them on the top of the leaderboard at least until the next major Dota 2 event.

ENCE fall to Mousesports who win CS GO Asia Championship

In the latest esports news, Mousesports have won the CS GO Asia Championship,  adding one more trophy to their shelves after defeating ENCE 2 – 0 in Shanghai. It was a divisive grand final overall, but two of mousesports’ young stars David “frozen” Čerňanský and Özgür “woxic” Eker, stomped the Finns in both games to take home the $250,000 USD top prize.

The CS GO Asia Championship series grand final kicked off today, featuring German CSGO team Mousesports and Finnish CSGO team ENCE. The first round took place on Train and the game was balanced until the second half. As the round went on, ENCE couldn’t hold mousesports’ executions, especially on the B bombsite. Frozen and woxic grabbed 23 kills each and helped mousesports to win the round 16 – 10.

Fnatic drops out of 2019 EPICENTER, mousesports will replace them

Fnatic’s CSGO team won’t be participating in the 2019 EPICENTER, taking place between December 17th to 22nd, the Swedish organisation announced today. Fnatic have decided to allow their players an extended break after a hectic recent schedule. Fnatic are pulling out of the 2019 EPICENTER due to their hectic recent schedule.

Fnatic are planning to take part in the ECS season eight finals in Dallas, USA this weekend and once concluded, will travel to Odense, Denmark to attend the ESL Pro League season 10 finals taking place between December 3rd to 8th. That would only give the Swedes a one-week break to rest and prepare to travel to Moscow and play at the 2019 EPICENTER.

PSG.LGD fail to progress out of open qualifiers for Dota 2 DreamLeague Major 2019

PSG.LGD have failed to make it out of open qualifiers for the Dota 2 DreamLeague Major 2019. The top Chinese Dota 2 team from The International 2019, PSG.LGD, skipped out on competing in the first set of DPC qualifiers, hoping to give their players a longer break, but it seems now to have been a mistake.

PSG.LGD were upset in the round of 16 of the second qualifier for the DreamLeague Major 2019 by FTD.apollo. There will be no do-overs so LGD officially won’t be at the major Dota 2 tournament. PSG.LGD will now have to wait a full two months before they can compete in the open qualifiers for the next Dota 2 Major, which will be the ESL One Los Angeles tournament.

Team Liquid advance to ECS season 8 finals playoffs

Team Liquid are looking like serious contenders once again after defeating Evil Geniuses in the ECS season 8 finals and will advance to the playoff stages. In this year’s ECS season 8 finals, eight pro CS GO teams are fighting it out in Arlington, USA to be crowned Esports Championship Series champions, and their share of the massive $500,000 USD prize-pool.

The Team Liquid that CS GO fans saw in the first half of the ECS season 8 are back. Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski and crew had another great result today, this time against Evil Geniuses. TL won the series 2 – 0 after a 16 – 4 scoreline on Inferno and 16 – 14 on Dust II. This win means that TL have qualified for the ECS season 8 playoffs and will advance straight to the semi finals.

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