July 29th – August 4th: this is our first ever edition of the newest weekly Esports newsletter entitled ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’. Check in at Esportsnow every Sunday and read the most up to date, to-the-minute Esports news, a summary of everything that has been happening, this week in Esports. So for our first-ever edition of Too Long, Didn’t Read, here is what has been happening this week in Esports world:

Fortnite World Cup

This week in Esports we saw the inaugural Fortnite World Cup 2019 take place and Monday saw the aftermath of the major Fortnite event. 16 year old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf won a staggering $3 million USD for his first-place finish. This was the first rendition of the Fortnite World Cup and hundred of players descended on the historical Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, in order to fight it out for their share of the whopping $30 million USD prize pool.

Bugha took the no.1 spot in the singles event, where as Emil ‘Nyhrox’ Pedersen and David ‘aqua’ W won the duo event, also receiving a $3 million prize. This was a big weekend for Fortnite fans, who will eagerly be awaiting the second edition of the Fortnite World Cup hopefully to come next year.

MET Asia Series PUBG Classic

This week in Esports we also saw Last weekend the MEW Asia Series PUBG Classic taking place in Bangkok. 16 of the major Eastern PUBG teams fought it out for their region’s supremacy and their share of the $300,000 prize-pool. South Korean team Gen.G finished in the top spot after showing some decent form throughout the competition, finishing in the top 10 teams in ten of the fifteen rounds.

Second and third place finishes were earned by DPG EVGA and Team Weibo who claimed the runners-up prizes of $60,000 and $40,000 respectively. The competition was not without its hiccups this year. Round 12 had to be restarted due to power outages in the Bangna area and rounds 12, 13, 14 and 15 were discounted, teams seeing scores rolled back to after round 11.

Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

EA this week confirmed the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational will take place between the 13th and 15th of September and will take place in Krakow, Poland. The $500,000 tournament will feature 80 teams (a total of 240 players) in a bracketed tournament, and will be the first official Apex Legends event operated by publishers EA and developer Respawn Entertainment.

The battle royale shooter competition will be eagerly anticipated by Apex Legends fans. It will be the first official Apex Legends event though FACEIT and Twitch have already held competitions in the EA title, and many organisations have already added Apex Legends teams in recent months including Cloud9 and NRG Esports. The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational will be part of EA’s newly detailed Apex Legends Preseason initiative which also includes ESPN’s EXP tournaments and this weekend’s Apex Legends tournament taking place at the X Games Minneapolis event.

SteelSeries Sponsors OG in time for The International Title Defense

This week in Esports SteelSeries and OG have partnered up in time for their The International title defense. The Reigning Dota 2 The International champions OG Esports are teaming up with peripherals maker SteelSeries it has been announced, just before the 2018 champions take part in The International 2019 which takes place in August. The Dota 2 major event has a prize-pool currently sitting at $31 million USD, and is still rising.

The tournament will start on 20th of August and ends on the 25th of August and will see big names like OG, Team Liquid, Team Secret and battling it out for the title of Dota 2 World Champions. In last year’s rendition of the event OG won $11.2 million at The International which topped out at $25.5 million. The team, already sponsored by Red Bull and blockchain platform Socios will face stiff competition in their challenge to retain their title after last year’s victory.

Madden NFL 20 Championship Series announced by EA

EA Sports have just announced a new competitive format for the Madden NFL 20 Championship Series. According to EsportsInsider, the upcoming season will include all 32 NFL teams and will have a focus on the connection between the series and the traditional sports equivalent.

The series will be made up of 4 major events throughout the NFL Season and will take place during key NFL season moments including the NFL Kickoff, NFL Playoffs, the Super Bowl and NFL Draft. All 32 NFL teams will be represented at the Madden NFL 20 Championship Series and there will be a new emphasis placed on the connection between the series and the traditional sports equivalent, the NFL season.

Gaming superstar Ninja leaves Twitch for Mixer

Ninja leaves Twitch; in a stunning switch that could have far-reaching consequences for the Esports industry, gaming megastar Ninja has announced his decision to leave Twitch for Mixer. Microsoft’s platform Mixer has scored a massive success in striking this hugely profitable deal that will see Fortnite hero Tyler ‘Ninja’ Belvins leave Twitch and take his video game live streams to Mixer.

The move which was announced on Thursday will see the megastar Fortnite player Ninja leaves Twitch, the live streaming giant owned by Amazon, for Microsoft’s new platform Mixer. Ninja has earned himself millions of dollars streaming his Fortnite gameplay on Twitch and YouTube.