Top Five eSports Events 2019 A review of the biggest and best eSports events that you can bet on in 2019

A sellout crowd at the League of Legends World Championships, the epic intensity of the Counter-Strike 2018 Boston Major, 100 million unique viewers hit by Riot Games, these were all examples of the unbelievable progress eSports is making year to year. The good news? There’s plenty more to look forward to throughout 2019.

Last year was really a bar-setter for eSports in many ways. While many events set new records for viewership numbers, other tournaments boasted some of the largest ever seen prize pools in eSports competitions; Fortnite makers, Epic Games pledging over $100 million towards prize pools in their inaugural year and The International setting the record of the biggest prize pool at an individual tournament for the seventh year running. However 2019 looks set to be another record-breaking year which will surely take eSports and eSports fans to never-before-imagined heights. So, what’s coming up? Here are some examples of the most highly-anticipated events to look forward to:


5 – Call of Duty World League Championship

Last year’s Call of Duty World League held in Vegas was a major success and will leave fans eagerly anticipating Black Ops 4. The newest iteration of the game is being considered by some to be the best in recent franchise history and that combined with new teams, roster expansions and a fifth player being added to competitive teams, fans of the CWL will have a refreshing new challenge and brand new dynamic to look forward to.


4 – Overwatch League Championship

With a new total of 20 teams competing and a much larger prize pool, the 2019 Overwatch League Championship is continuing to grow. With teams from Toronto, Vancouver, Washington D.C., Paris, Hangshou and Chengdu competing, teams will play fewer games this year and will take part throughout the year across America.

Last year Overwatch ranked fourth in the most-watched channel list on Twitch and with an increased grand prize of $5 million and a $1.1 million grand final prize, there is a lot more on the line at this year’s Overwatch League Championship 2019.

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3 – IEM Katowice

For the first time in 4 years the first CS:GO Major Championship of 2019 is being held in Katowice and is offering an exciting $1 million prize pool. After the competitive year CS:GO had in 2018 this is one of the most eagerly-anticipated eSports events of 2019.

Last year’s event broke records on Twitch for most concurrent viewers and has since been dubbed as one of the most exciting eSports events ever held, meaning this years event has much to live up to! With more teams and a rising public interest, it’s looking like the IEM Katowice 2019 should not disappoint.

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2 – The International

Having set the record for biggest eSports prize pool seven years in the running, The International 9 2019 looks set to continue that trend. One trend set to be broken however, is the fact that this is the first time the event is being held outside of North America.

This year’s event is taking place in Shanghai, China – a sensible selection due to the heavy support of Dota 2 in China. Little else is known about this year’s competition however, Valve keeping their cards close to their chest for now. One thing can be certain, there are going to be fireworks in Shanghai in 2019.

Top -Five-eSports-Events-2019

1 – League of Legends World Championship

Despite facing adversity in a few different ways, last year’s League of Legends World Championship was one of the best events yet. The big surprise being a Chinese winner as well as the absence of any Korean teams, last year’s tournament featured unexpected upsets and some exciting gameplay, almost doubling its viewerships over the previous year.

This year’s event returns to Europe and will be hosted in the beautiful Paris. There is no doubt that looking forward, League of Legends will continue to replicate its success of being one of THE biggest eSports out there, well into the year of 2019.